March 24, 2023

Sunday Masses


at St. Joseph the Worker Parish, we have seven centers; namely: St. Joseph the parish Church St. Josephine Bakhita the Second larger Center, St. Mary Queen of Peace the 3rd larger center, St. Mother Tereza POC, Azande Catholic community, St. Stephen at Calvario, and Sacred Heart of Jesus in Hai Bafura. among the seven only five have regular Sunday masses and timetable of the masses are as follows:

1. St. Joseph at Sikka Hadid

  • first Mass -English  @ 7:Am
  • second Mass -Arabic @ 8:45 Am

2. St. Josephine Bakhita Lokoloko -Arabic @ 9: Am

3. St. Mary Queen of Peace Bilpham -Arabic @ 9:Am

4. St. Mother Teresa Poc -Arabic @ 7:Am

5. Azande Catholic Community @ 1:30 Pm – Zande/Arabic

6. St. Stephen @ Occasional Masses -Arabic

7. Sacred Heart of Jesus @ occasional masses -Arabic

Weekdays Masses 

Only at. Joseph in Sikka Hadid @ 6:30 Am from Monday to Saturday