March 24, 2023

Family Apostolate

St. Joseph the Worker Parish Sikka Hadid Wau has been for a while now without a family unit. that does not mean there are now families in the parish but it means there is no unit for families. in fact, we have a representative for the diocese and some families attend some occasions for families at the diocesan level.

however, what we mean here by family apostolate is that Care which is offered by the catholic for the needy. hence, we intend to revive the family unit in our parish and form a parish unit that will enable our parish to offer services that are more realistic to the faithful.

on Thursday, December 9 2021 general meeting between the family and the parish priest that aims at listening and sharing. we hope that the meeting will prepare us for the formation of the family unit in our parish before the feast of Holy family on december 26,2021.